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All Bukkit Plugins

Minecraft 1.3.2 R0.1 – Citizens


Citizens – As they say, this plugin will get you friends! Citizens – What is it? Citizens is a plugin that lets you create NPC for your server. The NPC stays on the block and in the position you created him at. The plugin is quite simple to use and very clean in its own way. With this plugin you ... Read More »

Minecraft 1.2.5 R-5.0 – ChestShop


ChestShop – Create an infinite chest shop or let one of your players create their own with this simple plugin ChestShop – What is it? ChestShop is a simple plugin to setup and use, as an admin or an op, you can create shops with an infinite amount of weapons, armor, food, blocks, and anything you can think of for ... Read More »

Bukkit 1.2.5 – Tombstone Plugin


Tombstone Plugin – Ever wanted to save your inventory when you die in Mineraft? Then this plug-in is recommended for you! Tombstone Plugin - What is it? The tombstone plugin is a plugin for Bukkit that puts a tombstone at where you died. The tombstone is basically a chest with a sign on top of it. The contents of the chest ... Read More »