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Minecraft 1.5.2 – Herobrine’s Return

Overview of this Map

Inside a mysterious and ominous mansion, lies a man of the unknown. A man that holds great power and the ability to annihilate anything in his path. A man that has been feared and has been told through stories of his existence. You have set out to discover who he is and why he exists in this world with such an immense amount of power. You have raided his mansion, you have defeated his minions, and you have confronted him face to face. You have seen the power that he holds and you have seen to it that his power will not harm anyone anymore. You have defeated him inside his mansion, ending his reign of terror. Little did you know, that was never the end, and only the beginning of a new nightmare.

This man who is known has Herobrine, has now returned to exact his revenge on you after defeating him inside his own building that sheltered him. You thought you had defeated him for good, taking his power away from him. How wrong you were. Herobrine is now back with even greater power than before, summoning his minions once again to injure you before he takes your life for himself. Unleashed into the world, he uses new powers of great proportions and has caused an unforgettable memory of destruction. It is now your job to destroy him no matter what, once and for all. This time, you’ll make sure of it. You know people of past experience, you think about taking in a group of specialist to help you defeat this immense power, or go in alone to avoid getting the ones close to you hurt. Think about how you will get past Herobrine’s army, and then think about what you’ll do to the man himself once you confront his lifeless eyes for the second time of this eternal nightmare.

Welcome back to the story of Herobrine. Herobrine’s Return is the sequel to the map, Herobrine’s Mansion. The gameplay is similar to Herobrine’s Mansion where you must pass waves of mobs as you get further into the map. As you progress, the difficulty increases with tougher mobs in larger quantities and ambush attacks from Herobrine’s new magic powers. Herobrine’s Return is quite a huge map with many startling events all powered by the command blocks feature and some special treats from 1.5.2. No mods are required which everything all the better and resourceful, quite the work to get this all done.

This map features powerful custom mobs that assault you in waves, forcing you to run for dear life or defeat your foes that will lead you to Herobrine. These hostile creatures aren’t enough? The map also features eight unique boss fights that you must successfully defeat before you can progress any further. These boss fights make you run in circles just to be aware of what’s happening. With boss fights and Herobrine himself, there must be a large story behind this. There are NPC’s around the map that will either attack you or aid you in your quest to defeat Herobrine. These NPC’s get some special spell animations as they attack or help you with there own type of magic. These NPC’s will tell you what’s happened so far and what there purpose in that map’s section. The story goes forward with these NPC’s.

The map also features customized shops for you to sell or buy from that will strengthen your character in battle, whether it’s the shining diamond armor, the bloodied sword that has slain these evil creatures. These shops contain customized items that you can obtain that will help you against certain mobs, or to simply gain more satisfaction of having these powerful new weapons. These customized weapons would of course drop from the customized mobs. If these items aren’t enough to help you defeat the waves of monsters and Herobrine himself, then you also have the option to embark on some side quests to get you ahead again. This sequel is guaranteed to give you two hours of playtime, whether you’re searching for Herobrine alone, or with a team of friends at your side. It is recommended for you to have 1-3 players on this map.

Prerequisites of this Map

Some maps require some additional items, such as a mod or a texture pack. This map requires the following:

Extra settings – These are settings that are required to be set for your server or your Minecraft client in order for the map to be played smoothly:

Client Settings

  • Smooth Lighting – Off
  • Clouds – Off

Server Settings

  • Do NOT use Bukkit.
  • Allow-flight=True
  • Spawn-animals=True
  • Enable-command-block=True
  • View-distance=15
  • Spawn-npcs=True

Some maps have some rules. Here’s the rules of this map:

  • Do not use beds.
  • Do not break blocks unless told to.
  • Do not craft.

Some maps also have objectives. Here’s the objectives of this map:

  • Defeat Herobrine once more.
Note: This map consists of the following:

  • Adventure

Now for some screenshots of the map.

Screenshots of this Map

Here are some screenshots showcasing the map:

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Videos of this Map

Here is a video showing what the map does.

Now you might want to know how to install the map.

How to Install this Map

[tabcontainer] [tabtext]Installing Maps?[/tabtext] [tabtext]Instructions (Windows)[/tabtext] [tabtext]Instructions (Mac)[/tabtext] [tabtext]That’s it![/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent]
So you want to install this map for Minecraft? Well, thanks to this tutorial, we can make that happen! Just click on the tabs corresponding with your operating system to the left of this.
Installing maps on the Windows operating system is as easy as 1-2-3! Just do the following:

  • Extract the map into a folder.
  • Open up Windows Explorer.
  • In the navigation bar, type “%AppData%” (no quotes).
  • Open the folder called “.minecraft”.
  • Then, open up a folder called “saves”.
  • Drag the map into that folder.
  • Open up Minecraft.
  • Enjoy!
Installing maps on the Mac operating system is fairly easy too! In fact, it’s almost as easy as installing maps on the Windows operating system, if not easier! The instructions are as follows:

  • Extract the map into a folder.
  • Open Minecraft up.
  • Click on “texture packs”.
  • Click “open texture pack folder” and close Minecraft afterwards.
  • Go one folder up.
  • Click on the folder called “saves”.
  • Drag the map into that folder.
  • Open Minecraft up again.
  • Enjoy!
Please note that these instructions also work with Windows operating systems too!
That’s all you needed to do! Have fun! In the case that you are still having trouble, just drop a comment below and we’ll be more than glad to help you out!

Download this Map

Note: This mod/texture pack/map has not been updated to Minecraft version 1.7.4/1.7.2 as of yet. You can, however, subscribe to our newsletter with the form below, and we will notify you via email as soon as this mod gets updated (You only have to subscribe once). Subscribe below now!

 Herobrine’s Return (Release Edition 1.0):

Official Download (Minecraft 1.6.4 and Lower)

Note: Credit goes to the original makers of this map, who are “Hypixel” and his partners from the “Gazamo Network”.

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