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Minecraft 1.4.7- Creepy Pasta Craft Mod

Creepy Pasta Craft Mod – Are You a Creepy Pasta Fan? Then the Creepy Pasta Mod is for you, meet creatures such as slender man and Squidward.

Overview of this Mod

Are you a creepy pasta fan? Do you want to make MineCraft more thrilling? Then the CreepyPasta mod is for you, the CreepyPasta mod adds some of the popular CreepyPasta  to your MineCraft. It adds three new items for your use, one achievement, and eleven new mobs for you to encounter. The three items that are at you disposal are the the computer which you  need to craft so that you can summon a CreepyPasta, you summon a CreepyPasta by placing paper inside the order they are summoned is unknown. This mod also adds a diaper just in case something pops out at you and you get the runs, an edible item is pasta. It also adds a extremely dangerous item which takes health the longer it is equipped, you can regain health by killing enemies, this weapon is called the Hilt of a Blacksmith found in chest in blacksmith houses. The achievement that you can earn is called Not for kids, which you get by crafting a computer.The CreepyPastas that are added into your game are your friendly neighborhood Slender Man which will attack you if you even glance may cause a potion affect so lookout,

Jeff the Killer he will stalk you until one of you is killed so kill or be killed,you can also acquire his knife if you get him to fight Jane and Jane wins. Jane the Killer is a  neutral Creep which will only fight Jack so make sure to get out the way. This mod also adds the well known Pewdie and cry they drop items so keep an eye open, the rake a beaast so fast that you cant run so watch out, smile dog works kinda like slendy so don’t stare, look to the skies you might see Moth man flying around he may drop a knife for you to use.  Keep an eye out for Squidwards Suicide if you right click him he will transform and die in a dramatic way, a ride able creep is the strider you can use weapons and items while you ride him so ride him into battle. After a long day in the mines you look forward to a good nights sleep well, think again Eyeless Jack will spawn while you try to sleep you have been warned, the last but vicios creep is the Seed he spawns at night and will hunt down village children to devour. There is also an incomplete dimension called the scare the portal is in a temple like structure. So now my friends be careful these creeps are extremely dangerous, fight them with caution. Good luck…

Screenshots of this Mod

Here are some screenshots showcasing the mod:



Videos of this Mod

Here is a video showing what the mod does.

How to Install this Mod

  • Introduction
  • The Steps (1.6 and up)
  • The Steps (Windows)(Old-Fashioned Way)
  • The Steps (Mac)(Old-Fashioned Way)
  • The Steps for Forge and Modloader Mods (Old)
So you want to install a mod for Minecraft? Well, thanks to this guide, it’s easy as 1-2-3! Before we start however, here are some precautions you might want to read:

  1. Be sure to get WinRAR or 7-zip. It’s a necessity for installing mods.
  2. Be sure to backup your “minecraft.jar” before doing anything! We don’t want you to have to force update now, do we?
  3. Be sure to delete META-INF inside “minecraft.jar”.
  4. Be sure to install the mods listed in the yellow box below first. They are usually mods required for the mod you want to install to work.
  5. The Forge and Modloader installation instructions only apply if the yellow box below states that the mod requires either Modloader of Forge. If the yellow box does not, use the “Old-Fashioned” instructions.
  6. The Forge and Modloader instructions only apply to the mod itself. Any mod in the yellow box below must be installed using the “old-fashioned” instructions.

In the case that you need more help, post a comment below. We will be glad to help you out!

Minecraft 1.6.4 and 1.6.2 changed the way mods are to be installed now. So much, that it’s best to have a full blown guide page for this, rather than quick instructions. Click the link below for the guide:

If you need any additional support, just comment below, or on the post mentioned above! We will be glad to help out!

Here’s the steps to installing that mod you want, or how to install Forge, Modloader, :

  1. Close Minecraft. This is to ensure that the files will overwrite properly.
  2. Open up Windows Explorer.
  3. In the navigation bar, type “%AppData%”.
  4. Navigate to “Roaming”. (Skip this step if you can’t see a roaming folder.)
  5. Open up a folder called “.minecraft”.
  6. Open up a folder called “bin”.
  7. Right click the file called “minecraft” or “minecraft.jar”.
  8. Select open with.
  9. Open with WinRAR.
  10. Open up the mod. (be sure to extract the mod first.)
  11. If there are no specific instructions included with the mod, it is safe to assume that you drag all the files in.
  12. Be sure to delete META-INF. I can’t stress this enough.

That’s it! Have fun!

So you have a Mac computer? The Mac Operating System has a very different framework compared to its Windows counterpart, so the installation instructions will be different. Here’s a video to help you out:

  1. Mod Installation Instructions for Macs

Hopefully that helped you out! If not, you could post it in the comments, and we will help you!

So you noticed this mod requires Minecraft Forge or Modloader, correct? Installing Forge and Modloader mods are just as easy as installing mods the old-fashioned way! In fact, it’s even easier once you get passed the main part Here’s the steps:

  1. Install Minecraft Forge, Modloader, or any mod dependency listed in the yellow box below using the “Old-Fashioned” installation instructions to the left.
  2. Start Minecraft up. Close Minecraft afterwards.
  3. Navigate to the “.minecraft” folder. Once you open it, you will notice that there is a “mods” folder. If there isn’t a mods folder to be seen, create one.
  4. Place the mod inside the “mods” folder.
  5. Open Minecraft up and have fun!

For the most part, that’s it when it comes to Modloader and Forge mods. Also, please note that you no longer have to do steps 1 and 2 once you already installed it the first time (you may need to reinstall them however, if you updated your client). Also, just a heads up, if you don’t see the mod loaded into the game, you might have to extract the mod into a folder.  Most mods work in their zipped form, but some require you to extract them first. Have fun!

Important: This mod requires you to install the following mods:

Click on the links to get them.

Download this Mod

Note: This mod/texture pack/map has not been updated to Minecraft version 1.7.4/1.7.2 as of yet. You can, however, subscribe to our newsletter with the form below, and we will notify you via email as soon as this mod gets updated (You only have to subscribe once). Subscribe below now!

Note: Credit goes to the original maker of this mod, who is “”.

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