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Minecraft 1.4.2 – Mutant Creepers Mod

Mutant Creepers Mod – Want a more powerful and harder version of a creeper in Minecraft? Then get this mod now!

Mutant Creepers Mod – What is it?

Feel like the current mobs aren’t much of challenge? What if I told you this mod gives you two mobs that will give you a real challenge? Well there is the mutant creatures mod creates the mutant zombie and the mutant creeper. Both of these vile creatures give has many surprises in itself. The mutant zombie has three attacks, Melee attack which is the mutant zombie slamming the ground damaging everything in front of it, this attack deals up to 12 hearts worth of damage. The second attack is Roar attack when this attack is used the mutant zombie roars dealing half a hearts worth of damage to any entity around it. The final attack this mighty beast has is the Throw attack this attack is when the beast throws you up in the air and slamming you down on the ground dealing attack and fall damage. That is not all this creature has up its sleeve, unlike normal zombies this beast will not take damage in the sunlight in addition to that he regenerates health in the night(it heals 1 heart every 5 seconds). Once you defeat the beast it takes a dead like state but if you do not immediately incinerate the beast it will revive in 7 seconds ready to fight. If you successfully defeat this beast it will give you the hulk hammer it has 32 uses and it is the equivalent to a mutant zombie melee attack. The mutant creature has a health of 60 hearts, what’s even more intimidating is that it has five attack moves. The first is Direct attack the mutant whips is head back and strikes you with a stunning blow, to prevent being knocked back try defending yourself with your sword. It also has the Jump attack it jumps in the air and as soon as it makes contact with the ground it makes an explosion steer clear from that attack.

Want more of a challenge? The mutant creeper can summon minion creepers at you and throw them directly at you. The mutant creeper can have up to 4 minions. If you can’t seem to get any hits try waiting until it uses charge attack, it will flash six times try to land some blows before then and if you fail it will regain 15 hearts. It’s rare but extremely powerful attack is the Lightning attack it will wait for you to come near it to summon a lightning bolt to hit you. Also keep an eye out for a super charged mutant creeper; it creates bigger explosions and also makes its minions more powerful. It also has a healing ability instead of taking damage from explosions it regenerates health. Once you believe he is down for good get a good distance away for it will self-destruct after it is done charging. After slaying the creature you are rewarded with an egg. You can place the egg on your head by right clicking, it takes 3-5 minecraft days for it to hatch or you can blow it up multiple times. After you get it to hatch you have your own personal creeper minion. If you give it tnt it will blow up continuously without taking any damage. If you break the egg before it hatches it will make a creeper shard if you keep it will charge up and make a personal explosion at will. So if you like a challenge this is the mod for you.

Screenshots of this Mod

Here are some screenshots showcasing the mod:

Videos of this Mod

Here is a video showing what the mod does.

How to Install this Mod

  • Introduction
  • The Steps (1.6 and up)
  • The Steps (Windows)(Old-Fashioned Way)
  • The Steps (Mac)(Old-Fashioned Way)
  • The Steps for Forge and Modloader Mods (Old)
So you want to install a mod for Minecraft? Well, thanks to this guide, it’s easy as 1-2-3! Before we start however, here are some precautions you might want to read:

  1. Be sure to get WinRAR or 7-zip. It’s a necessity for installing mods.
  2. Be sure to backup your “minecraft.jar” before doing anything! We don’t want you to have to force update now, do we?
  3. Be sure to delete META-INF inside “minecraft.jar”.
  4. Be sure to install the mods listed in the yellow box below first. They are usually mods required for the mod you want to install to work.
  5. The Forge and Modloader installation instructions only apply if the yellow box below states that the mod requires either Modloader of Forge. If the yellow box does not, use the “Old-Fashioned” instructions.
  6. The Forge and Modloader instructions only apply to the mod itself. Any mod in the yellow box below must be installed using the “old-fashioned” instructions.

In the case that you need more help, post a comment below. We will be glad to help you out!

Minecraft 1.6.4 and 1.6.2 changed the way mods are to be installed now. So much, that it’s best to have a full blown guide page for this, rather than quick instructions. Click the link below for the guide:

If you need any additional support, just comment below, or on the post mentioned above! We will be glad to help out!

Here’s the steps to installing that mod you want, or how to install Forge, Modloader, :

  1. Close Minecraft. This is to ensure that the files will overwrite properly.
  2. Open up Windows Explorer.
  3. In the navigation bar, type “%AppData%”.
  4. Navigate to “Roaming”. (Skip this step if you can’t see a roaming folder.)
  5. Open up a folder called “.minecraft”.
  6. Open up a folder called “bin”.
  7. Right click the file called “minecraft” or “minecraft.jar”.
  8. Select open with.
  9. Open with WinRAR.
  10. Open up the mod. (be sure to extract the mod first.)
  11. If there are no specific instructions included with the mod, it is safe to assume that you drag all the files in.
  12. Be sure to delete META-INF. I can’t stress this enough.

That’s it! Have fun!

So you have a Mac computer? The Mac Operating System has a very different framework compared to its Windows counterpart, so the installation instructions will be different. Here’s a video to help you out:

  1. Mod Installation Instructions for Macs

Hopefully that helped you out! If not, you could post it in the comments, and we will help you!

So you noticed this mod requires Minecraft Forge or Modloader, correct? Installing Forge and Modloader mods are just as easy as installing mods the old-fashioned way! In fact, it’s even easier once you get passed the main part Here’s the steps:

  1. Install Minecraft Forge, Modloader, or any mod dependency listed in the yellow box below using the “Old-Fashioned” installation instructions to the left.
  2. Start Minecraft up. Close Minecraft afterwards.
  3. Navigate to the “.minecraft” folder. Once you open it, you will notice that there is a “mods” folder. If there isn’t a mods folder to be seen, create one.
  4. Place the mod inside the “mods” folder.
  5. Open Minecraft up and have fun!

For the most part, that’s it when it comes to Modloader and Forge mods. Also, please note that you no longer have to do steps 1 and 2 once you already installed it the first time (you may need to reinstall them however, if you updated your client). Also, just a heads up, if you don’t see the mod loaded into the game, you might have to extract the mod into a folder.  Most mods work in their zipped form, but some require you to extract them first. Have fun!

Important: This mod requires you to install the following mods:

Click on the links to get them.

Download this Mod

Note: This mod/texture pack/map has not been updated to Minecraft version 1.7.4/1.7.2 as of yet. You can, however, subscribe to our newsletter with the form below, and we will notify you via email as soon as this mod gets updated (You only have to subscribe once). Subscribe below now!

Note: Credit goes to the original maker of this mod, who is “thehippomaster21″.

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