The PvP Part
The PvP Part
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Minecraft 1.2.5 – |SBB| Server

|SBB| Server- A fun server that has pvp, survival, creative, and Hunger Games!

|SBB| Server - The Review

I just want to begin by saying that this was probably the best server for my first review in a while.  I am just so impressed by the…. everything!  I mean, this server literally has it all (except RPG *cough*).  But wow, just wow.  This is an amazing server.  Ok, where to begin…… ah yes, the staff.  The owner was very cooperative when I was interviewing him about this server.  The admin that was online was very funny aswell.  Overall, the staff of this server is very nice.

The history of this server is very rich.  It has been in existence for one year.  Originally, it was meant for just pvp and smp, like most servers are, however, as time moved on, the server started to evolve.  The inspiration behind this server was a want for a fun server with friends, and…. boredom…  Oh well, just shows that as one of the admins said “Boredom saves the day!”

What is most impressive about this server has to be the plugins.  This server stands out from any other server that I’ve reviewed, because the owner and one of the admins actually knows how to code plugins.  This results in a server that is technologically advanced, and meets the needs of its players.

The only thing that is missing from this server is a good RPG, then it truly would be an all in one server.  However, everything else is amazing.  I would recommend this server to PvPers, Survivors, and Builders.  Not to RPGers since there is no RPG to follow.

Note: This server is a(n):

  • PvP
  • SMP
  • Creative

Screenshots of |SBB| Server

Here are some screenshots showcasing the ServerNameHere:

Minecraft 1.2.5   |SBB| Server Screenshot

Minecraft 1.2.5   |SBB| Server Screenshot

Minecraft 1.2.5   |SBB| Server Screenshot

Now for the current status of this server.

Current Status of |SBB| Server

Here’s the current status of the server:

Minecraft 1.2.5   |SBB| Server Screenshot

Now for the IP address of the server.

IP Address of |SBB| Server

 |SBB| Server

IP Address:

Note: The owner of the server is “orbit”.

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