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Minecraft 1.5.2 – PokeCraft Texture Pack

PokeCraft Texture Pack – Gotta Mine It All!

PokeCraft Texture Pack – What is it?

The PokeCraft texture pack is one that should be familiar to nearly everyone from just about every generation and every background. You probably haven’t heard of the texture pack, but you certainly recognize the source material. Pokemon has been the worldwide phenomenon for the last 15 years. It should come as a surprise to no-one that there would be a Minecraft texture pack based around it. Although not fully Poke-fied, this pack is still very nice for all you Pokemon enthusiasts out there.

Changes in this texture pack are most notably to the mobs. Wolves are now Poochyenas, Creepers are Wobbuffets, cows are Miltanks, sheep are now Mareep, and pigs are Slowpokes. It all fits well with the Minecraft scheme (except for maybe the Slowpoke that now produce porkchops), and the 16×16 resolution is a good fit to hearken back to the pixelated days of the original Pokemon generations. The pack also has several small touches that add to the overall feel, such as the sun now being a Solrock, and the crosshair in the shape of a Pokeball. It may not be the full Pokemon-Minecraft overhaul you could have expected, but you can’t go wrong with the PokeCraft texture pack.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

Screenshots of this Texture Pack

Here’s a screenshot of the texture pack:



How to Install this Texture Pack

This texture pack installs just like any other texture pack. Those installation instructions are as follows:

[tabcontainer] [tabtext]Introduction[/tabtext] [tabtext]Standard Texture Pack[/tabtext] [tabtext]High Definition Texture Pack[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent]

So You want to install this texture pack? Well, thanks to us, we will show you exactly how to install this texture pack you desire! But first, read the following precautions:

  1. Be sure that you have the same version of Minecraft as the theme.
  2. If the texture pack is High Definition (HD), be sure you have MCPatcher ready.
That’s it! Click on the tab above that applies to you. Remember, if you have problems, drop a comment below and we will help you out!
  1. Download the Texture Pack.
  2. DO NOT extract the texture pack!
  3. Navigate to “.minecraft”. This can be achieved by going to Windows Explorer, and typing “%AppData%” (without quotes), then going into a folder called “roaming” (Ignore this if you can’t find it), and going into the “.minecraft” folder.
  4. Open the “texturepacks” folder.
  5. Drag the texture pack (the .zip archive) into this folder.
  6. Open up Minecraft.
  7. Go to “Texture Packs”.
  8. Click on the Designated Texture Pack.
  9. You have now successfully installed the texture pack!
  1. Download the Texture Pack.
  2. Download MCPatcher.
  3. DO NOT extract the texture pack!
  4. Run MCPatcher.
  5. Be sure to have put a check mark by “HD Textures”.
  6. Click Patch.
  7. That’s it! You only have to do the following once, unless you update Minecraft.
  8. To add a texture pack, just click “+” and add the texture pack.
  9. While the texture pack is checked, click “Patch” again, and you should now be able to select the texture pack in the “Texture Packs” section in the Minecraft menu.

Download this Texture Pack

Note: This mod/texture pack/map has not been updated to Minecraft version 1.7.4/1.7.2 as of yet. You can, however, subscribe to our newsletter with the form below, and we will notify you via email as soon as this mod gets updated (You only have to subscribe once). Subscribe below now!

Note: Credit goes to the original maker of this texture pack, who is “RileyVace”.

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