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Blades of Fire – A godly war has put everything at a risk, leaving everyone dangling from a thread.

Millions of years ago, six gods were born into the world. The gods had set the land that contained six biomes. Each of them creating on for themselves. These biomes are known as the jungle, the swamp marshes, the wood forests, the grass plains, the dry deserts, and the high mountains. Species of different varieties explored and started to inhabit these new biomes. The gods then soon let them be and embodied themselves within the biomes themselves. Soon after, a horrendous demon appeared and wrecked havoc upon the world. The gods were forced to take action against him, breaking into a war with beautiful landscape being their battlefield. The god of the mountains was defeated by the demon. The remaining gods finished the war and sealed the demon within the high mountains.

After they settled the war with the demon, the remaining gods returned to their biomes and once again, embodied themselves within to protect the land from any more harm. Another million years later, a young man named Velar has been training to protect his home town from any danger that dares to approach. Little does he know what he’s in for is the fight of his life.

Blades of fire is a small adventure map that takes you on a journey through the different biomes of Minecraft. You start off as a young man in his home town training tirelessly for war as stated in the introduction. The map features different types of villages, dungeons, and a unique bank storing system that has been created in each village. The bank system allows you to store your most precious possessions that you have obtain over your adventure and you have the option to place it there in the village to keep it safe from any harm. The map also features main quests and side quests, for a total of four hours of gameplay if you decide to complete every single quest.

Some maps have some rules. Here’s the rules of this map:

  • No going outside of the maps boundaries (fences, blocks)
  • No breaking blocks except the ones down below. 
  • You can ONLY place: Torches, levers, buttons, boats (You may throw items) 
  • Play on Easy +
  • Read the story when told to. 
  • If playing in multiplayer, the max amount of players is 2. 
  • If in singleplayer, take only HALF the treasures in chest (ex. 2 Golden Apples, take only 1)

Note: This map consists of the following:

  • Adventure

Now for some screenshots of the map.

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Blades of Fire Map

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