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Cube Control – Play against your many friends in Minecraft and see who are the leaders that will lead everyone to victory!

Cube Control is a PvP map that requires quite a few players and a lot of team work in order to successfully dominate the game. You start off in a small room to set the two teams and then you’re lead forward into a room that has a little diagram of the map to give you an idea of where you want to go and how to safely get there. The map is made of cubes placed around the map that contains farms, items, and essentials needed to survive. It’s your objective to gather as many materials as you can and to prevent the enemy team from getting ahead of you. To do so, the map has turrets placed around the map that players will usually race for in order to stop the enemy in their tracks. The final objective is to destroy the bed spawn of the enemy and to completely eliminate them afterwards.

Everything that you need to obtain that will make or break your progress, requires an immense amount of communication and teamwork. This is what the map is all about. Everyone starts off in their own separate base or spawn box and everyone is supplied with wool used to bridge yourselves to the bigger cubes. In addition, some battle equipment has been placed into the chest for you to split among your teammates. From there on, you decide your next moves. Lets move onto the cubes and their purposes inbenefitingyour team. Be sure to use these stations wisely for trading that can really benefit your team.

Spawn – Will provide you with wool to build bridges.

CobblestoneUsed to fortify your base or any other block and to craft weapons and tools.

Glowstone – To prevent hostile mob spawning and for trading.

Wood – For crafting tools and arrows.

Flint – For arrows and trading.

Spider – String for bows and arrows for trading.

Skeleton – Bones for trading and for obtaining arrows.

Chicken – Feathers for arrows and to gather food.

Cow – Leather for armor and to gather food.

Zombie Pigmen – Gold nuggets for trading, looted swords, and more useful items.

Creeper – For TnT crafting and for flint and steel.

Blaze – For powerful upgrades and increased stock.

Magma – For more powerful upgrades.

Potions – For potions that can be upgraded, used, or traded.

Turret Station – Each team has two turrets that spawn static fireballs that can be used for defending or attacking.

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Cube Control Map

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