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CUBE Inc: Overhaul – A virus like no other, but which one is truly the virus? People have only died by the hands of others who have lost their sanity.

A virus has broken out, you don’t know what’s causing it and if it really is causing it. Because people are dying before the virus has done enough damage to kill the host on it’s own. You know that it all started in a parallel dimension from the simple world that we all know as Minecraft. Unlike the original dimension, this Minecraft generation is no longer just one lone player, the land is now filled with many new inhabitants that have evolved into what is today, the technology industry generation. With more people, the world must require more cubes, and with demands being so high to obtain cubes, the company CUBE Incorporated has met there needs and is the top supplier for cubes all over Minecraftia. Many test chambers have been setup to test the stability of their products to ensure that their customers are happy and protected should anything go wrong.

You are an employee down at CUBE Incorporated, you work on the west complex side of the building just outside of Glacier City. Nothing much happens, nothing much can happen, you work as a simple work drone, plain desk, an everyday mundane routine. Your job is to assign the destination of where the parts will go in order to reach the Block Distribution Center of the corporation. Everything is where it should be, a good pay that’s enough to keep you there long enough to where you go home with bone dried, blood-shot eyes.

One day, during your regular working schedule, you hear an amazing new discovery had been made down in the main district of Cube Inc. You don’t show a lot of interest since you know you won’t be a very big face in this new discovery. You don’t take much notice until posters of this new discovery starts to appear everywhere around you, asking for subjects to test this discovered product. They asked for test subjects to enter this new realm and explore the Nether in search of the new rumored blocks that the Nether had. Everything seemed to be the same and perfect just as described, until an unbelievable incident happens.

You can’t believe it, only months after this discovery was made, problems were already caused, striking fear into the ones who know. Something was coming from the Nether into our world, a new disease labeled as A.D.Y. Everyone was warned that this may be one of the most dangerous viruses and outbreaks to ever happen. The Nether project was shut down immediately after the outbreak was discovered. It only took a few days until the whole industry that provided these cubes were completely shut down to avoid any further incidents that may cause damage to everything as they know it.

The Symptoms for A.D.Y were so very basic that it seemed that everyone had it at first. This only caused more panic and paranoia for the ones infected and the ones who knew the symptoms. People began to lose their sanity and decided to murder the ones who they thought had the disease in order to avoid the spread. Before they knew it, they were destroying themselves before the virus itself could take its toll. One night, you break and decide to tread on dangerous tides in order to find out what’s causing this virus. You take a ladder and enter the building. You take a nice, long rest for the night and prepare for a big day at work tomorrow.

CUBE Inc: Overhaul is a story-driven map with a deep story that follows another dimension as described, with more than just yourself. You’re living in a new utopia and you’re out there to defend yourself. The story follows the character as if it were a test subject, taking the player into dangerous territory and testing the knowledge of the player with puzzles that you must complete in order to progress onto the next area. This is a CEO, so being alone is never an option. Bring along the people who still have the sanity and offer them a job that pays out dearly. Just watch your back, no one has their sanity in control anymore.

Some maps require some additional items, such as a mod or a texture pack. This map requires the following:

  • Use the texture pack included in the file download.

Some maps have some rules. Here’s the rules of this map:

  • You maynotbreak blocks with your hands. (Only exception is Chapter 2 during the obsidian breaking.)
  • Play on Peaceful through the game until areas where you are told to change difficulty.
  • Read every sign.You do not want to miss parts of the story.

Some maps also have objectives. Here’s the objectives of this map:

  • Find out what’s causing all the problems in CUBE Inc.

Note: This map consists of the following:

  • Adventure
  • Puzzle

Now for some screenshots of the map.

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CUBE Inc: Overhaul Map

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