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As you leave the only area that ensures the tiniest bit of safety, you can still see nothing besides glowing eyes. All that’s there is darkness and unknown weapons being fired at you. The only thing in front of you is a dim path. That path leads you to your objectives, but this can light you only through half the challenges, the other is knowing when to stop and start. You’re in a maze, but not with walls to confused you, blocks that eat away at your soul should you fall off the path. Know when to run and know when to fight, because these moves are essential to know if you want to make it through safely.

Hidden Shadows is the eleventh map in the Zero Mercy collection of mini Complete the Monument collections. Hidden Shadows is another map with a fairly straight forward goal. Just follow the path until the reach the end and come around through to safety. The challenge still remains though, your vision is limited with the darkness meaning you’ll be fighting enemies in almost complete darkness. To top it off, the area is filled with soul sand, slowing you or damaging you if you were to be knocked off by those pesky mobs. The goal is straight forward, but the challenge is tougher than it seems. Take a hint and see if you can make it through with a certain tactic.

Some maps have some rules. Here’s the rules of this map:

  • Complete the Victory Altar with the specified wool.
  • Do NOT use mob drops to craft metal blocks for the VA.
  • Never play on Peaceful difficulty, use at LEAST easy.
  • Do not leave the boundaries of the map. (usually bedrock walls/roof)
  • Do not use any mods or 3rd party tools to assist you in the map.
  • Do not use any glitches or exploits to give you an advantage in any way.
  • Do not build any new nether portals. (relighting ones are fine)
  • Do not break command blocks.

Some maps also have objectives. Here’s the objectives of this map:

  • Search for wool that have been scattered around the map or is located at the end of the map.
  • Complete the Victory Altar with the specified wool.

Note: This map consists of the following:

  • Complete the Monument

Now for some screenshots of the map.


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Hidden Shadows Map

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