Minecraft Bomberman Map


Minecraft Bomberman – The square recreation of a legendary game

Minecraft Bomberman is exactly what it is, the recreation of the legendary Bomberman restored to the Minecraft glory. In this Minecraft version, you fight off zombies that try to maul your face off, while searching for a key that completes the level. There are sand blocks that hide the key and will sometimes contain power-ups that help you in the search of the key. Use the TNT to destroy the wave of zombies that surround you and the sand blocks contains the key to your freedom. Complete as many rounds as you can and gain bragging rights. The map and function itself is quite simple, yet very fun to play. The map doesn’t require any mods or texture packs, just a player.

Some maps have some rules. Here’s the rules of this map:

  • Only break the sand blocks using TNT

Some maps also have objectives. Here’s the objectives of this map:

  • Blow your way through the sand blocks and find the redstone torch and distribute it at the exit
  • Finish as many rounds as you can

Note: This map consists of the following:

  • Survival

Now for some screenshots of the map.

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Minecraft Bomberman Map

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