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Parkour Thief Map – Ever wanted to play on a map that mixes adventure and parkour elements? Then check this map out!

the parkour thief map is a map for Minecraft that combines the adventure and parkour elements to make a pretty nice, well, adventure and parkour map. Unlike other maps, which either consist of just floating blocks and no story line, or are adventure maps with almost no action but have a nice story, the Parkour thief map is an adventure map with quite a bit of action. There’s a whole town to explore, a storyline, and much, much more! It’s up to you to find out what all this map has to offer. Now for the prerequisites of the Parkourthiefmap.

Some maps require some additional items, such as a mod or a texture pack. This map requires the following:

Some maps have some rules. Here’s the rules of this map:

  • You can only play on peaceful.
  • You can’t breakor place any blocks.
  • Fences are boundaries. This means that you are not supposed to jump over them, or go past them.
  • Black wool is the only wool you are allowed to burn.
  • Blue wool is only kind of wool you are allowed to place keys on.
  • Brown wool is the only kind of wool you can place ladders on.
  • The only item you can craft are buttons.

Some maps also have objectives. Here’s the objectives of this map:

  • You must find the three hidden cakes in the map.
  • You must find nine records in the map.
  • You’ll have to give the tree an offering.
  • You’ll have to find the sky testificate.
  • You must find a way to escape jail.
  • You’ll have to find 10 pumpkin men.
  • Try beating the map the happy way.
  • Try beating a map the sad way.
  • You must find eye of Ender.

Note:This map consists of the following:

  • Parkour
  • Adventure

Now for some videos of the map in action.

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Parkour Thief Map Map

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