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Raging Rapids is a mini-game that takes on the racing against yourself in time or against your friends. You also keep score through the amount of boats you used to complete the course. The smaller the number, the better. In this map, you’ll be facing obstacles that you must get around while paddling on your boat. You can race against yourself and see how you’ve improved or you can race against a couple of your friends for a merrier time. The map features some different paths that you can take in order to complete the course, but be careful, some of these paths are tricks that could lead you off the course and into the ground. Your obstacles are blockades and pieces of land that hinder the movement of your boat. Your other obstacle is the dreaded squid that will always be in your way. Too tough? You have the option to remove the squids if they start to irritate you. After finishing the course, you’ll also have the option to reset it and play for as long as you please.

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Raging Rapids Map

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