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Sandswarm – The storm grows bigger and stronger the longer you take to reach your objective, be swift on your feet.

Sandswarm is the first map in the Zero Mercy series that has a somewhat easy feel to it, but it’s purposes is to have an inventive and creative side for it to create a new interest in CTM players. This map focuses on speed and agility as you traverse an tough terrain. The terrain will test your maneuverability, doing so with the unusual terrain shape. Helping you in no way and making it tougher is the swarm of creepers that continue to surround you. The swarm will get bigger with each passing second you take to reach the wool.

This map contains only two pieces of wool that you must push through the large swarm of creepers in order to obtain. The map isn’t as hard as you think, but it still challenges what you can do in tough situations when you’re surrounded. This creative map can take up from 5 minutes of gameplay to 15 minutes of gameplay in order to complete. The time all depends on what you know, what you’ve learned, and how you will use it to adapt to the sticky situation. This is where that speedy training pays off.

Some maps have some rules. Here’s the rules of this map:

  • Complete the Victory Altar with the specified wool.
  • Do NOT use mob drops to craft metal blocks for the VA.
  • Never play on Peaceful difficulty, use at LEAST easy.
  • Do not leave the boundaries of the map. (usually bedrock walls/roof)
  • Do not use any mods or 3rd party tools to assist you in the map.
  • Do not use any glitches or exploits to give you an advantage in any way.
  • Do not build any new nether portals. (relighting ones are fine)
  • Do not break command blocks.

Some maps also have objectives. Here’s the objectives of this map:

  • Reach the wool and obtain it as fast as you can.
  • Complete the Victory Altar/Monument with the wool.

Note: This map consists of the following:

  • Complete the Monument
  • Mini-game
  • Survival

Now for some screenshots of the map.

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Sandswarm Map

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