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Skygrid – Try not to fall

Welcome to the Skygrid. Skygrid is a map consisting of single blocks that float in the air, your objective is to just survive from those single blocks. Everything you need to survive is just floating around you. Sometimes you’ll need to travel a bit further away in order to find what you need. The nether will also be in grid form, so be careful when jumping around. It is also possible to access the End as well, but the End will not be in grid form, so it will be possible to defeat the Enderdragon without the risk of falling. How long can you survive in the gird?

Some maps have some rules. Here’s the rules of this map:

  • No cheats
  • Do not attempt to use the Nether to escape the Skygrid

Some maps also have objectives. Here’s the objectives of this map:

  • Survive as long as possible

Note: This map consists of the following:

  • Survival

Now for some screenshots of the map.

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Skygrid Map

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