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The Code 2: Infinite – Every beginning has an end, we are far from it, as this is only the beginning of what’s Infinite.

You thought your little adventure of the mind was over after reaching the end of the corridor, but that was only the beginning of your troubles. With you conquering the first part ofthe Code leading you to the results of your intelligence. You find yourself here, in front of a lonely doorway with a set of staircase that looks like it would never come to an end. You take your entrance and you are welcomed to more than just an infinite wind of stairs, but the next part of your adventure to completing the Code. Again, you feel that every room looks the same, but you know on the inside, it’s all unique in some way. That doesn’t surprise you, although, the way it shows how it’s unique is quite baffling. It’s almost as if time stood still in that one room of stairs.

Infinite is the sequel to the original The Code map that took place within a stretched hallway. If you haven’t played the first map, you should give it a try with the link above to give you a bit of light on the other connecting puzzles. Infinite, is one of the puzzles in the first map, the map creator has done something in his own style by taking that one little puzzle, and has turned it into a map of it’s own unique proportions. In the sequel, there is no longer a hopper to read any codes you put in, instead, new features from recent updates will do the reading. Simple, yet new. The whole map revolves around one room and it leads you to the same room, except with a new appearance each time you complete a puzzle successfully.

The appearance of the map is the same, no hallway, but still has the signature look of the quartz block. You’re no longer stuck with the same type of room where you’re confined to a small space with a rectangular shape. Everything here has a different shape, a different element when it comes to each puzzle, and a brand new level of difficulty. Whether the puzzle involves lava, water, lighting, or even great heights, it still remains a code while holding variety with these new elements. Not only are the puzzles tough, but they’re amusing with the messages left by the creator and the architecture of your surroundings when it comes to the room which adds it’s own taste which I personally admire a lot. Well, all I have to say is that you’ll be experiencing something brand new, it what’s to be a complete classic of an idea. Done with the hallway? Gear up for Infinite, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Some maps have some rules. Here’s the rules of this map:

  • The map itself will restrict you from doing anything you shouldn’t.

Some maps also have objectives. Here’s the objectives of this map:

  • Complete all the puzzles within the facility.
  • After completion of a puzzle, you will be taken to the next.

Note: This map consists of the following:

  • Adventure
  • Puzzle

Now for some screenshots of the map.

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The Code 2: Infinite Map

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