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The Forgotten Land – Be in shock after discovering this forgotten land, and even be in a trance after exploring what it has to offer.

After a big piece of beautiful land was left and abandoned, you have found yourself leaving your own footsteps in this land. Even after years of being left alone, it’s still in perfect condition, and still doing what it should be doing, shocking the people who lay eyes on it. That’s how it was and how it was meant to be. Secrets hidden under and inside the island itself, with hints to unlocking them carved in stone or even messages from the gods are sent to you through it’s gracious clouds. It could even be upon the abundant amount of trees that are bound together in the jungles, you never know.

The Forgotten Land is a survival map, with little bits of adventure to keep you curious and entertained. As a survival map, you’ll always have the freedom to do what you please like you would in a regularly generated map. The catch is that you’re on an island with unnatural terrain that makes traversing it tough, but well rewarding with it’s view. There are many different unique landscapes for you to discover and six special dungeons for you to conquer as your own. There are hidden chests that have been placed randomly around the map for the player to discover and enjoy for themselves as they grow within the map. They contain anything that you would need when things get dangerous in order for you to obtain them, such as valuable equipment, potions, and the resources you would need to survive. For entertainment, you’re challenged to gather the 11 music discs that have been scattered around the land and only from the chests that contain them.

Some maps have some rules. Heres the rules of this map:

  • Do not leave the boundaries of the map.

Some maps also have objectives. Here’s the objectives of this map:

  • Explore the 6 dungeons. 
  • Discover the landscapes. 
  • Find the music disc. 
  • Build a fortress in the mountain.

Note: This map consists of the following:

  • Survival

Now for some screenshots of the map.

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The Forgotten Land Map

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