Zombie Apocalypse Map


When the world is at it’s end, your only option is to survive. You and a friend will venture out into the night of the undead to find what you can in order to help you survive. This map requires two players in order to solve the many puzzles needed to be complete in order to finish the featured story of the map. The map includes even more features such as the zombie hack-n-slash survival as you fight off waves of the undead that roam the streets of the city. The story has 3 different endings and as you go through the story, the map has some special explosions and zombie ambushes for the two of you. Other features also includes side stories to top off the main story, custom shops, custom mobs, and extra events along with the texture pack to give you the apocalyptic experience to it’s fullest.

The dark aura of the setting is absolutely perfect when you get into the map. With the characters of the story line guiding the two of you out into the night where zombies await to eat you alive. The story line is all controlled by command blocks and the gameplay getting more intense as you progress through the city. The map is worth more than an hour of gameplay with the increasing numbers of zombies and puzzles getting tougher as zombies get in your way. While seeing playing through everything, you get to witness the beauty of the texture pack that shows complete annihilation of humanity and the destruction of the world.

Some maps require some additional items, such as a mod or a texture pack. This map requires the following:

Some maps have some rules. Here’s the rules of this map:

  • Do not break any blocks unless told to do so
  • Do not break glass whatsoever
  • Do not craft any items

Some maps also have objectives. Here’s the objectives of this map:

  • Survive the apocalypse and complete the adventurous story line

This map requires a server for two players, these are the must have settings for the map to function properly:

  • allow-flight=true
  • spawn-animals=true
  • pvp=false
  • enable-command-blocks=true
  • view-distance=15
  • spawn-npcs=true

Note: This map consists of the following:

  • Adventure
  • Survival

Now for some screenshots of the map.




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Zombie Apocalypse Map

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