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3D Items Mod – Ever wish that all of the items spin in 3D when dropped, similar to how blocks spin when dropped? Then this mod is for you!

The 3D Items Mod is a mod for Minecraft that makes the original sprites of items 3D when they are dropped. For example, whenever you drop a sword, the sprite will only be displayed as a sprite, or a flat image. No matter which angle you look at the sword, it will always appear as flat. However, if you were to drop, let’s say, a dirt block, the dirt block will be spinning, and it will also be in 3D, meaning that it doesn’t look flat.

This mod aims to replicate that effect with swords, pickaxes, and much more. Pretty much everything that was a sprite. It does a good job at it too, because if you did not know that the dropped items were sprites beforehand, you would think that the items would really drop like as shown in the mod. On top of almost being vanilla-like, the mod is very lightweight, and shouldn’t affect the game’s performance too much. In my opinion, this mod should be in the game already.

All in all, this mod is for pure aesthetics, and has no real use in game, but if you love improving the the little things in Minecraft like I do, then definitely check this mod out! You will not bedisappointed! Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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3D Items Mod

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