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Advanced Agriculture Mod – The Advanced Agriculture Modfor minecraft makes farming a lot more fun and worth while.

Do you want to make farming a lot more efficient? Well with Advanced agriculture you can. Advanced agriculture adds 12 new things in MineCraft. Advanced agriculture adds coppere ore which is used to create copper ingots , zinc ore used to make zinc ingots, fertilizer ore used to create fertile soil, fertile which can be jumped in and will not break by still needs a small water supply. It also adds silicon ore used to make silicon ingots, olive trees that spawn in plains biomes, quick sand.

The machines this mod adds are the mutator which mutates seeds into other seeds, the elementizer you put items insides and creates bare elements, the compact elementizer which does the same but smaller and the atomic compiler it takes all your elements and turns them back into resources. The fertile soil I mentioned earlier only supports the crops that are added by the mod. The crops that are added(seeds included) are wheat, potatoes, carrots, melons, pumpkins, sugar cane which grows infinitely high, golden apple’s, golden apple’s T2, and diamond apples. The following need to be planted on soul sand nether wart and glow stone.

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Advanced Agriculture Mod

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