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I’ve always longed for a mod that changes the way dispensers worked. In my opinion, the way dispensers work now aren’t particularly advanced enough to pull off really crazy redstone contraptions. This means that you’ll end up being stuck with having to use a ton of redstone if you would like to create a contraption that requites dispensers.

Thankfully, there’s theAdvanced Dispensers Mod. This mod is a mod that makes dispensers do more tasks, such as placing blocks, flipping levers, placing seeds, and much more. This is particularly useful for times where you would like to automate certain tasks, such as the placing and cutting down of trees, automatic farming, and more.

This mod works really well with industrial mods. For example, let’s say that you have an automated tree farm that works off of redstone ticks. With some redstone know-how, you can make it so this mod places a sapling, get the industrial mod to cut the tree down once it’s fully grown and place the blocks in a chest, and then get this mod to place another sapling once it’s done. Even though it may sound somewhat difficult to do at first, after a while, it will become second nature really.

That’s just one example as to what this mod is capable of achieving. Thanks to this mod, you will save yourself a lot of time when it comes ot automation, and in addition to that, you can possibly make even more advanced redstone items if you are fond of redstone. If you are trying to find a mod that does what’s been stated above, then this mod is for you.

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Advanced Dispensers Mod

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