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Playing around with genetics and genetic engineering has always fascinated me. The idea that you can take a strand of DNA, modify it a little bit with science, and then make that strand of DNA reproduce in order to create an entirely new entity that once didn’t exist beforehand just seems extremely fascinating. With this, the possibilities are virtually endless, and on top of that, your knowledge about how things work will greatly improve.

Thankfully, there’s a mod that allows you to experience the same concept in Minecraft, and that mod is called the Advanced Genetics Mod. The Genetics Mod is a mod that makes it so you too can also have your own genetic experiments in Minecraft. With this mod, you can acquire DNA and cells from mobs in the game with your trusty scraper, and from there, you can do all kinds of stuff. Sadly, this mod doesn’t support genetic engineering just yet, meaning that you can’t create new mobs on your own, but you can, however, discover new genes, cells, and much more.

To start things off, you will need to get a scraper. After you have acquired your scraper, you will have to go scrape some cells off of some mobs. This is actually a fairly simple process. All you have to do is right mobs with the scraper in your hand. Once you do this, you will get this new item drop called the skin scale. From there, you will have to put the skin scales in a DNA analyzer, and you should get some cells and organic drops. After that, you can now craft a DNA dictionary, and with that, you can now proceed to do more advanced items with the DNA, and at the same time, expand your knowledge as the dictionary records new discoveries that you might find.

Some advanced tasks that you can do with your cells is placing them in a DNA extractor, which will give out an item called the helix. With the DNA decryptor, you can decrypt the helix, and after that, you can put the decrypted helix into a DNA splitter, which will then give you information about the genes of the helix. You can then breed the helix if you want to. In reality, there’s much more to this mod, and it’s up to you to find out what else you can do with this mod.

All in all, the DNA mod is a really nice mod, and is recommended for people who have some interest in genetic modification, as well as people who would like to do more tasks in Minecraft that require a bit of thinking as well.

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Advanced Genetics Mod

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1.7.2 1.6.4
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