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Advanced HUD Mod – Ever wanted to rearrange the HUD to fit your style? Then you should get this mod now!

The Advanced HUD Mod is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to rearrange the HUD (Heads-Up Display) to where it seems comfortable to you, or so it won’t obstruct anything too much. On top of rearranging them, you can also make them fade away when they aren’t being used, or you can make them disappear completely if you want, by pressing “H” to access the HUD menu. This means that you can relive the good old Minecraft days by making the food bar fade so it will only appear when you are hungry, and completely get rid of the experience bar. It’s like the best of both worlds! On top of that, you can even change the way the crosshair and the experience bar looks too!

Anyways, survival-wise, there isn’t much of a use for this mod other than allowing more room to see, but if you’re the kind of person that makes Minecraft films and would like to keep your hand showing, but remove all the HUD elements, then this mod is recommended for you! Another use for this mod could be rearranging the HUD so that it looks like that of an RPG game, and add the RPG damage mod too. Just get an RPG adventure map and texture pack too, and you have a completely different game! Now for some screenshots.

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Advanced HUD Mod

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