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Alien vs. Predator Mod – Ever wanted to have different mobs and faction in Minecraft? Then this mod is for you!

Fight off the alien horde, defend yourself against the predator army, and fight alongside the marines. This alien vs. predator mod for minecraft includes 8 mobs, 15 new block types, 3 ores and a variety of weapons. The 8 new mobs are the aliens (Xenomorph), the predators (Yautja), and the marines (humans). There are 5 mobs that pertain to the aliens alone the queen, the hive queen (which is attached to the egg sac), the regular alien, the face hugger (the spider like alien), and the chest burster. The face hugger is a representation of the first stage in the alien life cycle. The chest burster is the second stage of an alien after it burst out of the human cavity, and the alien is the final product. The predators are neutral towards players unless provoked, their main target of course are the aliens.

The marines are also neutral until provoked main targets predators and aliens, and then there is Steve (not a player) a neutral which is attacked by the face huggers to continue the alien life cycle. The added ores are silicon, titanium and fragmented diamond. Silicon is used to make silicon plates, titanium can be used to create armor, weapons and tools. Fragmented diamond is used to make a full diamond. There are two extra types of armor titanium armor which appears like predator armor and there is also alien armor which makes it seem as though you are part alien. Some of the added blocks are iron walls, iron brick, vents and industrial glass. Some of the added weapons are the m4 carbine, the titanium spear, and the predator wrist blades. There are also the wall mines which you place down and detonate with the wall detonator. This is an incomplete mod it is still being worked on, but I highly recommend it if you are into science fiction.

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Alien vs. Predator Mod

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  • definitekid121

    how do you get the chest burster out without dying?