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All Seeds Mod – Acquire all the rare andhardto find seeds by punching tall grass with this mod!

“Finding melon seeds is too hard! Pumpkins are kind of rare! How many zombies am I supposed to kill to even get a potato or carrot? over 200?” I share yourfrustration. It took hours of mining to get even just one melon seed. I literally had to strip mine just to find an abandoned mineshaft, and just hoped that it would have a chest containing a melon seed.

Then, acquiring the carrot and the potato were whole other monsters. I managed to get a potato during the first 10 minutes of a new world, and that was only because I fought azombiewith full iron armor. Did I encounter another one since? Nope! I did manage to find a zombie mob spawner though. Unlike other people who would torch it or destroy it, I turned it into a cheap mob trap, and hacked away. 3 iron swords later, I’m at level 25 and still no carrots. After about 4 real life hours of mindlessly hacking at zombies, I finally got ONE carrot.

That’s why I like this mod. Rather than punching and slicing zombies for 4 hours, you can just punch the tall grass for maybe 5 minutes to acquire the seeds. If you haven’t figured out already, this mod makes it so all the seeds are added into the tall grass’s drop table, making it so any of the current seeds in Minecraft could drop. Pretty useful! If I were to start a new single player world, I would definitely use this mod.

“Why not just spawn them in creative or use TooManyItems?” you might ask. Well, I dislike the idea of purely cheating in survival, but I do enjoy making it slightly less tedious, so this mod certainly fits the bill on that. If anything, this mod should be incorporated in stock Minecraft, except making everything besides seeds more rare.

All in all, this mod is recommended for anyone having trouble finding the other types of seeds in the game. now for somescreenshotsof the mod.

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All Seeds Mod

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