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I’ve always been fascinated by the tools in Minecraft, but one thing has always been bothering me, and that’s with the materials themselves. It doesn’t really add up compared to its real life counterparts. What I mean by this is that sure, you can make a full iron pickaxe, but in real life, it’s more optimal to combine iron with something else to make an alloy. An alloy is basically a combination of different metals and materials in order to have a final product that is more fortified and strengthened compared to the original product.

This is where theAlloy Mod comes into play. TheAlloy Mod is a mod that makes it so you can combine several different types of metal in order to make a stronger metal that is less prone to breaking. For example, let’s say you combine iron with other materials and decide to make a pickaxe with the alloy. With this mod, the end result is a pickaxe that has 200 uses, but at the same time, mines faster than a diamond pickaxe and can still mine everything an iron pickaxe can.

This mod doesn’t stop at just tools, however. This mod works with armor as well as weapons. Armor now has more fortification, meaning that you should be more protected when it comes to attacks from mobs, and your swords should now also be more powerful, dealing 5 damage per hit without even need to critically strike.

Overall, this mod is very nice, and is recommended for anyone who would like to opt for a better mid-game armor, tool, and weapon system that resembles real life more closely.

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