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Alma Wade Mod – Add the same character that scared you in FEAR, into Minecraft!

I remember the days when the Endermen in Minecraft used to scare. Oh, how I dreaded going out in the night because of them. One second, Im just staring at the sunrise, hoping for it to be day, and next thing I know, theres an Endermen coming for me, constantly teleporting. I dont know about you, but this scared me quite a bit when I was playing. Sadly, over time, Endermen became more predictable, and now, Im not even fazed by them

On the other hand, however, no matter how many times I play the game FEAR, Alma always manages to shock me, despite the fact that Im already expecting her after playing the game for than 2 times. It must be the fact that shes incredibly creepy. Endermen were creepy at first, but after a while, they grow on to you, and you end up being pretty cool with them. This is not the case when it comes to Alma.

Thats why the Alma Wade mod was created. The Alma Wade mod is a mod that adds a new mob called, well, Alma Wade. Just like FEAR, this mod remains true to the spontaneous nature Alma has, and Alma will pop out on you at random times. This can get incredibly scary if youre just mining in a dark cave, and all of the sudden, you see this little girl attacking you. I dont know about you, but that will take a lot of time getting used to, compared to endermen (and maybe some therapy).

This mod is pretty useful when it comes to pranks if you think about it. If your friend is an avid Minecraft player, and installs mods, then youre in luck, because he most likely has Forge installed already. All you need to do now is drag the mod into their folder, and wait for them to contact you saying how much they hate you.

In conclusion, this mod is fairly nice despite its size. If you are looking for a good scare, or would like to scare your friends, then this mod is for you.

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