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Sometimes, the peaceful mode in Minecraft is actually, well, too easy. For one, you regenerate health as if hunger did not exist. Some people, such as myself want peaceful mode for one reason, and that is because the peaceful difficulty prevents mobs from spawning. Other than that, I much would rather like to be in the easy game mode. If only there was way to combine both of these.

Luckily, there’s theAlmost Peaceful Mod. TheAlmost Peaceful Mod is a mod that makes it so easy and peaceful are essentially combined. What this mod does basically, is it disables peaceful mode, and also activates hunger as well. essentially, this is like the easy game mode, but without the mobs.

this mod is useful for those times where you feel like you want to mine, but would like to remove them all, so that you can mine undisturbed. At the same time though, you might want at hunger as well, to preserve the mining atmosphere that usually revolves around survival of the fittest. This mod adds hunger, you can mine undisturbed, but still preserve some of the difficulties that comes with mining, such as starving. In my opinion, this mod is definitely recommended for people who are new to Minecraft, but would still like to mine, and would still like to experience what it’s like to starve, without too much tension.

All in all, this mod is fairly small, but it does the job quite well. The cool thing about this mind, is that it adds a new game mode, rather than replacing the peaceful game mode. This means that you can progress in difficulty without having to uninstall or reinstall this mod. Anyways, if you’re looking for a mod that adds hunger in peaceful, then this mod is for you.

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