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Alpha World Generator Mod – Ever wanted to play Minecraft in its Alpha stages again? Then this mod is for you!

The Alpha World Generator Mod, dubbed “The Nostalgia Factor”, is a mod that allows you to play with the terrain generation features that Minecraft Alpha once had. Those were the good old days, where the land was varied. But anyways, you might be thinking, “Why don’t I just get a map that resembles the old Minecraft terrain generation?” Well what’s unique about this mod is that it does not interfere with anything else in Minecraft, and you can easily make terrain generation go back to normal with just a press of a button. Here’s what the mod aims to do:

See those mountains in the background and that really nice terrain? That’s what this mod aims to do. Anyways, to activate this mod, all you have to do is open up Minecraft, select “New World”, choose “More World Options”, and just click on the “World Gen: Release 1.0.0″ button to cycle through the various options. Currently, the mod features the following terrain generation features:

  • Alpha 1.1.2_01
  • Beta 1.1_02
  • Beta 1.7.3
  • Beta 1.8.1

Pretty nifty right? The only downside to this mod is that it doesn’t come complete with the vintage textures that Minecraft once had, but I guess you could just download a Minecraft Alpha texture pack if you want to experience the full nostalgic feeling of Minecraft when it was in it’s earlier stages. Since this is the kind of mod that you need to see in action rather than one that we can capture in a screenshot, here are some videos showing what the mod does.

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Alpha World Generator Mod

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