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Apple Tree Mod – Trees will also drop apples now! Useful for those times where you need a quick meal!

The Apple Tree Mod is a mod for Minecraft that makes it so apples drop along with saplings. The apples have the same drop rate as saplings. Anyways, even though this mod is so simplistic and only adds one tweak, there are numerous ways and apple can help. For example, let’s say there aren’t any animals around, and you don’t have time to grow wheat because your food meter is about to deplete. Thanks to this mod, all you have to do is punch a few leaves to receive an apple. This could serve as a quick way to get food, and you can easily replant a tree to get more apples. Another example would be, if you had enough time, mining 72 gold ores, smelting them into gold ingots, turning them into gold blocks, and mixing them with a normal apple acquired from a tree to get a Golden Apple. This is probably the closest way you can get a Golden Apple legitimately. Now for some screenshots.

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Apple Tree Mod

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