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I’ve always longed for a better form of storage for Minecraft. It’s always been a pain to make a huge storage room underground full of chests. For starters, it takes a while to make that room, and on top of that, it also takes a while to completely perfect the design. Not to mention the amount of trees that all of the chests will require. Overall, it’s not that fun of an experience.

That’s where the Applied Energistics Mod comes into play. TheApplied Energistics Mod is a mod that adds several news basic and electric tools into the game, allowing the user to mine and do more tasks in a more efficient manner. On top of that, however, this mod also adds an advanced storage system that allows you to store large quantities of one resource without having to sacrifice space. No longer will you have to burn your entire cobblestone supply just to make room for other items!

This mod is extremely useful for the avid miner. This is mainly due to that fact that you will need to mine a lot of cobblestone in order to find resources, especially if you decide use the strip mining technique. All of that cobble may come useful one day, so it’s best not to throw it away. Instead of making a whole room to store that cobble, all you need to do is create one of these advanced storage units and you’re pretty much good to go!

All in all, theApplied Energistics Mod is a very nice mod, and is recommended for anyone that would like to do some serious mining, or would just generally opt to have a better storage system in their game.

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Applied Energistics Mod

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