Arcane Ascension Mod


Arcane Ascension Mod – Add new places into the game, along with a slew of new items and weapons into Minecraft!

Minecraft has always lacked when it comes to new items in the dimensions. For one, the Nether’s only useful for pretty much just Nether Stars and Nether Warts. After that, the nether is nothing more than a novelty item. You mainly go there to farm for potions, or farm for mobs. Other than that though, it’s pretty stale over there. There’s nothing that really “awe”‘s you, or makes you want to go back.

That was the case, until theArcane Ascension Mod was made. TheArcane Ascension Mod is a mod that adds a new floating island biome into the game thatcontainsseveral valuables, including a really nice scenery. What’s even cooler is that this mod also adds several new ores that can be mined, and you can use those ores to craft incredibly valuable items that are even better than diamond!

This mod adds several new ores, as stated before, but you may be wondering, “Why did you even mention the Nether in the beginning?” Well, there’s a good reason, actually! This mod adds new ores into the Nether as well! This means that you can start mining in the Nether, giving the nether more purpose in the game! Since it’s the nether though, and the terrain is virtually unfit for mining, this means that ores in the Nether are more valuable, and the tools you make from here will be powerful. Some will be even more powerful that diamonds!

All in all, this mod isgreat, and if you’re looking for a mod that adds new biomes as well as new ores into the game, then this mod is for you!

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Arcane Ascension Mod

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