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Armor Movement Mod – Craft armor that will help you navigate around your world! Travel the land at blazingly fast speeds, or drop from high heights and survive!

Travelling in Minecraft hasgottenquite dull. there’s not that many ways to travel come to think of it. You can walk, run, ride a minecart, and sail a boat. Other than that, there’s no other means of transportation. Sure, you could make an elaborate piston elevator to travel to a certain destination quickly, but there isn’t any freedom in doing so.

Then there’s the Armor Movement mod. The Armor Movement mod is a mod that makes it so leather armor can be combines with various other materials in order to perform differently. For example, you can place three iron ingots below a pair of leather boots in order to make a pair of ice skates. On top of that, you can even combine sticks, string, and paper with a leather tunic in order to make a glider!

If you ask me, the glider itself is what sells this mod. For example, let’s say you were to fall off a mountain you were climbing. Normally, you would be dead then and there, but if you have the glider on you, you can deploy it with “F”, and you’re now sailing the sky, rather than plunging to your doom. During this time period, you can either turn back and attempt to climb the mountain once more, or you can just glide home because the glider covers a great distance.

All in all, this mod is great, and is recommended for the avid survivalist. The mod has much more to offer than what was stated above, so I would recommend checking the screenshots and videos below to get a full grasp of what this mod has to offer.

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Armor Movement Mod

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