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Armor Plus Mod – Add more different types of armor with this mod! Slay all of those mobs with the most fashionable armor there is to find in Minecraft!

The Armor in Minecraft is very lacking. There are only about four types of armor you can acquire in Minecraft, and those types are leather, iron, gold, and diamond. The reason chainmail wasn’t added in there was because of the fact that it’s practically impossible to get chainmail armor without cheats,orthrough the use of another mod. Regardless, there’s not that many types of armor in the game.

Luckily, there’s a mod that fixes that, and that would be theArmor Plus Mod. TheArmor Plus Mod is a mod that makes ti so you can craft different types of armor with the stock items in Minecraft. By that, I mean that you cancreatearmor from items that were already in Minecraft, such as obsidian, and even glowstone! That’s right, glowstone!

Glowstone armor is the most useful armor of the bunch in my opinion. When you craft this armor and wear it, you will light up anywhere you walk. This means that you can mine without torches, or be able to see stuff before they sneak up on you, such as endermen in the dark, or zombies in the void fog. The mining perk, in my opinion, is the greatest perk that this mod has to offer. Don’t get me wrong though. This mod has a ton to offer, but the glowstone armor is what sticks out the most to me.

All in all, this mod is pretty great, and is fairly full-featured. If you’re in the market for a mod that adds several different types of armor into the game, including those withspecialabilities, then this mod is for you.

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Armor Plus Mod

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