Armor Status HUD Mod


Armor Status HUD Mod – Show the status of your armor on the upper portion of your screen for quick and easy reference of how many more hits you can take!

I love playing survival in Minecraft. It’s so fun raiding caves and dungeons. The fact that everything is out to get you makes it that much more fun and exciting. One problem that Iencountered, however, is that the mobs do a ton of damage to the armor, and before I know it, my armor is completely diminished. The bottom armor indicator does not help whatsoever because it only shows your protection level, rather than showing if you’re fully equipped with armor.

That’s why theArmor Status HUD Mod came to be. TheArmor Status HUD Mod is a mod that adds a new interface on your screen, showing your armor, and how many hits you can take before the armor gets destroyed. This is useful because, if you’re like me, you will run into battle thinking, “Oh, I have a full set of armor! There’s no way I can lose this fight!” Only to find out that your armor was close to getting destroyed, which ultimately leads to you dying.

This moddoesn’t’ just show armor level, however. It also shows an item’s durability, if said item is in your hand. For example, let’s say that you are trying to get the most out of your pickaxes. What you can do is use that pickaxe until it reaches 30%. After that, switch to another pickaxe, and use that until it also reaches 30%. After that, just combine both pickaxes into thecraftingtable, and you should have a new pickaxe with 70-80% durability.

All in all, this mod is small, but will improve on your experience greatly. If you’re the kind of person that’s really clumsy, and ends up running into battle with low armor, such as myself, then this mod is for you.

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Armor Status HUD Mod

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