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I love building and exploring in Minecraft a lot. It’s fun to build all kinds of structures in Miecraft, and it’s also fun to discover new structures in the game as well, ranging from simple villages, all the way to elaborate strongholds. The problem with both of these, however, is that there aren’t enough blocks to build stuff, and the amount of structures in Minecraft are fairly limited.

Thankfully, there’s theArtifice Mod for Minecraft. This mod is essentialyl a building and adventure mod bundled into one package. What I mean by this is that this mod adds several new blocks into the game, essentially expanding upon the building possibilities of the game, but on top of that, also adds new structures for you to explore! This means that the replay value of Minecraft becomes higher than it already is.

First off, there are several new items added into the game, mainly for aesthetic purposes. Unlike other mods, which add several new blocks that are somewhat unusable because of how strange they are, this mod adds blocks that fit in with Minecraft blocks. For example, this mod adds stone staircases, which will go in quite well with structures that involve a lot of stone bricks and whatnot. This includes structures such as ancient roman ones, ancient ruins, and much more. It doesn’t stop there, however. This mod also adds several different variants to existing blocks, meaning that you can even make a medieval city if you wanted to.

Secondly, this mod adds new structures for you to explore. It does so by reworking the existing terrain generation system to accommodate the new blocks that have been added, allowing for structures that use the new blocks to generate on the fly. This makes exploration in Minecraft less stale and more enjoyable at the same time. I for one will enjoy looking at the new structures in the game, as well as the new ambience this mod adds (did I forget to mention that this mod also adds new aquatic and normal plants as well?).

It doesn’t stop there though. In addition to the new blocks, this mod also adds new variants to items such as bows, and also adds coins in as well. This means that people who enjoy playing the survival aspect of Minecraft will also enjoy playing with this mod because it adds a very nice twist to the mechanics of the game, all while retaining the general feel as well.

All in all, theArtifice Mod – or artifacts mod, more items mod, or whatever you want to call it – is a pretty nice and well made mod, and is recommended for all Minecraft players of all sorts due to the insane amount of items added into the game.

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1.7.10 1.7.2 1.7.4 1.6.4 1.6.2 1.5.2
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