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Have you used any other Universal electricity mods? Do you want a more efficient source of electricity? If so then the Atomic Science mod is for you, the atomic science mod adds nuclear fissures and a few other machines and trinkets for you to have a much more efficient energy source for your mods. The Atomic science mod adds eleven machines, one electric item, two generators and twelvemiscellaneousitems that you may need. Fission reactors can be used to create large amounts of unstable energy, you have to wear a hazmat suit so the you wont bedamagedby the radiation, if you do not take god care of your reactors and dont supply it with enough water then you can cause a meltdown. When a meltdown occurs you damage the area around it covering with nuclear waste and causing damage to those without hazmat suits. Turbines are needed to generate electricity from from your reactor, the key component to your reactor is uranium, you need to refine the uranium into a rod and place it into the reactor if done properly your reactor will begin spinning generating heat it takes a moment for it to generate enough heat for it to evaporate the water, you will need to give it a steady supply if you do not want a meltdown. Control rods are used to turn your reactor on and off so that will be useful for when you run out of water. The thermal meter shows you the temperature of your reactor which will come in handy so you wont cause a meltdown. This is just some of the basic things that this mod has , it may be a bit complicated but you may enjoy the challenge, i personally would i would create a large factory with two reactors or more and create a system or mechanism to constantly provide water. You could also solve the water problem by building your facility near a lake, river ore ocean, or even under water inside of a building with holes or gaps on the roof so that the water can pur in at its own pace. But like i said it may be challenge but its one i hope you will enjoy.



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