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Do you dislike the sounds a certain mod adds to your game? Or do you just want tore experiencethe classic minecraft sounds? This mod is a Sound pack manager, it does not in itself already have sounds you have to download sound packs that are compatible with the sound manager. The good thing about this sound pack manager is that you can use multiple sound packs at the same time. Some example of sound packs that can be used with this manager are theVintage Minecraft Alpha r3, No footsteps, No creepy cave sounds and other like this. How this mod works is thatit scans all sounds loaded by Minecraft in the memory, and substitutes it with those from the sound packs, if the sound packs has sounds Minecraft doesn’t, it will add them. This mod will not prevent Minecraft from downloading new songs. That is pretty much all this mod does, well now atleast you can decide what sounds you can hear, and know there is a large variety of sound packs you can use with this sound pack manager so choose wisely…. oh wait you can use multiple sound packssimultaneouslyso have fun and enjoy new sounds.



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