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AutoSwitch Mod – Switch to the correct tool when you hit a block, allowing for greater productivity!

“Switching tools every time I want to destroy something different is such a task! I wish there was some way to make it less of a hassle!” Well, guess what? Your wish has come true! The Autoswitch mod is a mod that, well, automatically switches to the correct tool for a block, as long as it is in your hotbar. For example, when you punch a piece of dirt with your hands, as soon as you punch, this mod will automatically switch to the shovel, if it’s in your hotbar that is. On top of that, after the deed is done, it will swap back to where you initially were.

That’s what makes this mod great for mining expeditions. I mean, you can just hold a stack of torches the whole time, and whenever you need to mine, you can just left click, and it will switch to the corresponding tool, and then right back to the torches. This will allow for increased efficiency when it comes to mining, and down in the mines, efficiency means everything, because you never know what to expect down there.

Did I mention that this mod also switches to a sword whenever you hit a mob? What’s even cooler is that it switches to the sword and right back so fast that it almost looks like you were just hitting the mob with the item that was in your hand. You can fool your friends now, saying you can kill a pig in two punches!

This mod will deactivate itself if you join a server since this mod is all client side. This means that you can have the upper hand in most PVP battles. For example, you can equip your bow the whole way through, and constantly fire at them until the players get too near. Rather than spending time switching out to your sword, just left click with your bow, and this mod will do the rest.

In conclusion, this mod is great for anyone who thinks it’s tedious to keep constantly switching tools to mine, or would just like to generally increase their productivity in the game. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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AutoSwitch Mod

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