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Everybody loves bacon. 9 times out of 10, you probably ate bacon once in your life, and most likely enjoyed it. The problem is, however, is that Minecraft doesn’t have bacon. Why is this a problem, you may ask? Well for one, pigs are already incorporated into Minecraft, and you can make pork chops from them. Why not make it so pigs can also drop bacon?

This is why theBacon Mod has came to be. TheBacon Mod is a mod that incorporates bacon into Minecraft in a very nice and fashionable way. unlike other food mods which just make it so mobs just drop extra food, this mod makes it so you actually have to make bacon. It is a much more realistic form of making bacon, because you can’t really find they can naturally in the wild. Rather, you have to get a piece of pork, and slice into very thin pieces.this might achieve set by adding bacon, which is a machine that turns raw pork chops into cooked bacon with the help of coal.

This mod is pretty useful for survival, mainly because you can now take advantage of several different food types you’ll have. normally, you will be forced eat pork chops, which can to be quite inefficient at times, because sometimes, you probably just want to top off your health bar, rather to completely replenishing it, similar to what porkchops do. In my opinion, this mod does an excellent job of doing that, by adding several different food types, which all incorporate bacon in one way or another.

All in all, The Bacon Mod is very unique, and is recommended for anybody who enjoys bacon, and would like to incorporate it into Minecraft somehow.

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