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Before I get into what this mod does, may I say that this mod is incredibly awesome! I had a lot of fun with this mod! Anyways, have you ever wished that,ratherthan using a bow and arrow, you could use a crossbow to snipe mobs from a distance? How about using throwing knives against creepers because of their speed and distance? How about being able to use a plain old musket? Then this mod has got you covered!

Balkon’s weapon mod, as youprobablyalready figured out, is a weapon mod. Unlike mods like SDK’s gun mod, this mod is more modest, and more fair to the normal survival player. Where’s the fun in lighting up a sheep with a fully automatic AK-47? Actually, that’s a bad example, mainly because that sound incredibly fun. That’s beside’s the point though because it makes the game severely unbalanced. How so? Well, you can just goRamboall night long on hard and nothing will even get in a 10 block radius near you. I mean nothing. I tried this before.

With this mod, the guns, even though are very powerful, take a while to reload,becausethey aremodeledafter muskets, which can only shoot one shot at a time before you have to reload.Doesthat make them less fun? No. More challenging? Yes. To fire the musket, hold the right mouse button for two seconds, and it should reload. After that, let go of the right mouse button, hold the right mouse button again. This should allow you to aim before you fire. Once you are aiming, just let go of the right mouse button, and it should fire. The crafting recipes for the musket and its round are below, in the screenshots section.

Guns aren’t all that this mod has to offer though. You can shoot with crossbows too! Crossbows are a successor to the vanilla Minecraft bow. Crossbows shoot a lot farther away, allowing for long rang encounters. The only drawback of a crossbow compared to a normal bow, however, is that the crossbow has a reload time similar to that of a musket. It also has the same firing and reloading mechanics of a musket. In essence, it’s a musket that is more silent and is less powerful, but has a higher durability than a musket. Fair trade-off if you ask me. Like above, the crafting recipes forthecrossbow and the crossbow bolts are below.

There are some more weapons explained in the video below, but for the most part, that’s the gist of this mod. I wouldhighlyrecommend it to anyone who would like to havemoreweapons in their game. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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Balkon’s Weapon Mod

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