BaM’s GUI Enhancer Mod


BaM’s GUI Enhancer Mod – Make your game slightly less tedious and more accessible with this mod!

Even though Minecraft is a very fun game, it has some drawbacks when it comes to accessibility. Granted, they are to make the game more challenging, but once you’re settled down, and have a proper shelter in the game, complete with a steady supply of food, stuff like void fog and underwater fog start to become a nuisance.

That’s where this mod comes into play. The GUI Enchancer mod is mod that fixes those ailments to make your game slightly less tedious, and more accessible. Here’s a list of what this mod fixed:

  • No more achievement pop-ups. This, though is a cool idea, pops up every time you delete minecraft.jar, which can get annoying after a while.
  • Items show a numerical value of uses rather that a bar. Very useful for people that like to use their super enchanted pickaxe to their fullest extent, without having to worry about breaking it, allowing for a quick repair with the anvil.
  • As said before, no more void or underwater fog. Pretty useful for finding diamonds deep in the earth, or finding caverns underwater.
  • You can now see what biome you’re in. Fairly self explanatory.
  • You can now check to see if flying is enabled on a server without the risk of getting banned with this mod. Neat right?
  • You can set a key to toggle flying and running now, rather than pressing space twice to fly or pressing “w” twice to run. Pretty useful for those times where you have to get away fast, and your adrenaline is pressing the “w” key so fast that the keyboard doesn’t even register it as a double press (I know this has happened to everyone at least once.)

In conclusion, this mod meant to improve your game through slight modifications, and it does just that. Now for some videos of this mod.

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BaM’s GUI Enhancer Mod

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