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Batman Mod – Become the hero that Gotham City needs, all in Minecraft! Save all of those innocent villagers from the zombie menace!

Batman is a great superhero. He’s normal, just like you and me, yet he’s still of superhero status, like superman. Batman can grapple around the place, has a sick costume, and can even throw stuff at enemies. Why can’t you, a Minecraft player, be able to do the same? Think about it. Minecraft’s possibilities are limitless.

That’s where the this mod comes into the equation. The batman mod is a mod that turns you into the famous superhero, Batman himself! With this mod, you can craft batman’s armor,allowingfor the look and feel of batman. One can argue that getting a batman skin is the same thing, but the batman skin does not provide any protectioncomparedto the batman armor. With the armor, you can fend off creepers with little worry!

Another addition that this mod adds is the Batarang. The batarang is basically a boomerang, which you can throw at mobs. The batarang functions just like the old bow back in the beta days, or the snowball and egg in the recent days. This can allow for some quick takedowns when it comes to zombie or skeleton encounters, allowing you to escape battles unharmed.

On top of that, this mod also adds in a grappling hook, meaning that you can travel the land in a very fast manner. This also means that you can save yourself from near death by grappling to an edge the last second. In addition, this also means that you can escape form nasty creeper ambushes with ease, essentially becoming the real Batman.

All in all, this mod is good, and is recommended for anyone who’s a fan of Batman.

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