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Battlegear Mod – Gear up for battle in this exciting new mod!

The Battlegear Mod greatly enhances the combat elements of Minecraft, despite the game being primarily a mining and crafting-oriented experience. Key features include added weapons, such as maces and waraxes, as well as spears. Not only that, but shields have been included in as well, for defensive mechanisms outside of the traditional armor already in the vanilla Minecraft experience. On that note, there is one additional armor variant added, chainmail, which was actually cut out of vanilla Minecraft, oddly enough.

Also added in this mod are different forms of attack and defense, outside of items. Included are shield blocking, to block attacks normally with your shield. Also there is shield bashing, using your shield to push back enemies at the cost of block stamina. Finally, there are several shield enchantments, such as varying levels of fire protection, blast projection and projectile protection in addition to the standard protection enchantments.

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Battlegear Mod

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