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Better Farming Mod – Farm moreefficiently, and acquire seeds to previously hard to get food with this mod! No longer will you run out of food!

Finding apples can get very tedious. It will take several minutes just to get a respectable amount of apples, and on top of that, apples only heal two hearts of health. If only there was a more effective way of acquiring apples.

This mod aims to do just that. With the better farming mod, you can now farm more apples more effectively too, just by finding an apple tree. The apple tree is a new tree added into the game that randomly drops apples. You don’t even have to farm the apple tree to get apples! How convenient is that? On top of that, if you put an apple in the crafting table with a glass bottle, you can create apple juice!

On top of Apple trees, this mod also adds two new foods of similar qualities, called orange and lemon seeds. Likewise, you can put the lemons and oranges in the crafting table to make juice. The only difference would be that you need to add sugar to the lemon, and rather than an empty glass bottle, it will need to have water inside of it.

Last but definitely not least is the Cocoa tree. with the cocoa tree, you can harvest tons of cocoa in a quick period of time, and you can create chocolate bars with them. How sweet is that? (Sorry for the bad pun, I just had to do it.)

In conclusion, this mod is a really nice mod, and I would definitely use it because I hate how difficult it is to acquire apples, and I really like farming in Minecraft for some reason. If you think so too, then this mod is also recommended for you!

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Better Farming Mod

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