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Better Ore Distribution Mod – Mine more efficiently thanks to this mod! Unmined ores are now a thing of the past!

Ores in Minecraft are incredibly random. This can mean that you can end up missing some ores because they are probably obfuscated in stone. This can get very annoying, especially if you are trying to mine for diamonds. Did you know that when you find a vein of two diamonds, that vein is most likely a vein of four, and the other two diamonds are most likely hidden in the stone wall beside the two you just mined. Like most people, you end up skipping over the two hidden diamonds, which, in the end, means two less diamonds for you.

That’s where this mod comes into play. The Better ore distribution mod is a mod that aims torearrangethe way ores are arranged, meaning that they are less random, and slightly easier to find. This can allow for some quick mining, and less ores unmined. Even though this mod does sort of take away from some of the challenge when it comes to mining, this is pretty useful for people like me, who would rather spend time creating nice armor and fighting mobs.

There are some downsides to this mod, however. For example, if you don’t see any ores in a cavern, and you try to strip mine, the chances of you running into ore is kind of slim. This mod can make some caverns completely empty, while making other caverns completely rich of resources. Like I said before, this mod takes some challenge away from mining.

All in all, this mod is still pretty good for what it does. If you’re the impatient miner who would like to get a lot of precious ores at a faster and more efficient rate, then this mod is for you!

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Better Ore Distribution Mod

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