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It has always bothered me how whenever you craft something out of different colored wood, such as crafting, let’s say, a stick, out of jungle tree wood, the stick reverts back to the stock color. This applies to everything, including weapons handles, bows, and even tool handles as well. Even though this is such a small item, it bothers me for some reason.

Luckily, there’s a mod for this, and it’s called the Better Wood Mod. The Better Wood Mod is a mod that alleviates this issue by changing the colors of crafted materials based on what color of wood was used. Unlike other mods, which only do this in a very basic way, this mod also makes it so the color seeps through, even in further crafting recipes. This means that if you use a jungle tree stick in the crafting recipe of your sword, the sword’s model and sprite will have that same jungle tree stick showing as well.

Even though this mod is really small, it’s a pretty nice change. In my opinion, vanilla Minecraft should have this implemented already. Imagine having a server where there’s only one birch tree. This means that the one person to mine that is the only person that has access to birch wood in the game. Imagine crafting tools with birch wood handles. Yeah, people will admire you.

All in all, this mod is pretty simple, but is a nice change to the game. This mod is recommended for anyone who would also like to see this change.

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