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BetterLAN Mod – Add several different types of LAN options into your game, allowing for further control over your LAN server, as well as telling it whether mods should be enabled or not.

LAN servers are really nice in Minecraft. whenever my friends come over, we usually have a LAN party, and 9 times out of 10, we usually have Minecraft adventure maps on that list as well. The problem is, however, is that the options they have are really limited. For one, you can only host a server for only 8 people, and at the same time, servers with the same specs as your machine can host over 40 people at a time. Let’s say that there are 10 people that came over for the LAN party. 2 of those people will end up not playing, and you know that’s not good. This will ultimately lead to you scrapping Minecraft from your list of LAN games to play.

That was the case, until theBetterLAN Mod came to be. TheBetterLAN Mod is a mod that adds several new options into Minecraft. these new options allow you to customize your LAN server to fit your needs. Such options include whether or not to use Forge (You as the host may have a ton of mods installed, and other may not. It will be a hassle to make them all install those mods), the amount of RAM to use, as well as choosing the amount of players that can join the server.This means that you can host LAN parties with more than 8 people. I don’t know about you, but a 5v5 PVP map is really nice, especially when you can see everyone that’s playing.

All in all, this mod is incredibly nice and useful. Mojang should include these options in normal Minecraft in my opinion, as they are much needed. I know that I’m going to be using this mod when I host another LAN party. Anyways, if you want more options for your LAN server, then this mod is for you.

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