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BetterSound Mod – Make the sounds in Minecraft more fitting and realistic with this mod!

Minecraft is a great game. I enjoy playing it. The fact that its open world and the fact that I can do anything I want makes the game incredibly fun. The problem is, however, is that theres something a little, well, off, about it. The item thats off about it is the sounds. For one, you can here zombies inside of caves, even though the zombies are literally 8 solid blocks away from you. This is highly unrealistic, and can be really bothersome, especially if your house is built on top of a hollow mountain or cave.

Thats why the Bettersound mod was made. The Bettersound mod is a mod that aims to, well, make the sounds in Minecraft much more acceptable. No longer will you experience zombies constantly growling around you, or hear that thunderstorm that is literally miles away!

This mod makes mining in survival slightly harder in my opinion. For example, lets say youre strip mining because you cant seem to find a cavern. Suddenly, you hear a zombie growling. All you need to do then would be to follow the sound of the zombie growling, and there you have it, a cavern. This is high unrealistic, and very unbalanced as well. With this mod, you will not be able to hear the zombie unless theres an open hole from you to the zombie, or if youre only behind a 1 block thick wall, allowing for a slightly harder mining experience.

All in all, this mod is pretty nice, and does add a fair amount of realism into the game. If youre looking for a mod that fixes the stock sounds of Minecraft so they sound more fitting and just, then this mod is for you.

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