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Blaze Tools Mod – Replace that wooden handle on your tools and weapons with something more fit for a Minecraft player of your caliber!

Mining is fun and all, but diamonds are kind of hard to acquire. In addition to that, after you find three, you are more likely to spend those three on a diamond pickaxe, rather than a diamond sword. After those three, you are most likely too tired to go and mine for more. If only there was a way to get diamond equivalent tools another way.

Well, there is, thanks to this mod! The Blaze tools mod is a mod that allows you to slay Blaze in the nether for their blaze rods, which you can use as a replacement for sticks. After you craft a blaze tool, the tool should have the same durability as diamond, but still have the same stats as the tool it was without the blaze rods. For example, a wooden blaze axe will still cut wood as fast as a normal wooden axe, but rather than deteriorating quickly, the axe will last for the same amount of uses as a diamond axe. Pretty useful right?

This mod is meant for the survival enthusiast. Think about it. A survival enthusiast is the kind of person who builds a house in the nether,constantlyfighting for their life. What better way to take advantage of your survival nature than with this mod? Think about it. If you are constantly fighting in the nether, you are bound to stumble upon a few Blaze, and since a brewing stand only needs one blaze rod, why not just use the extra blaze rods to make tools?

All in all, this mod is a great mod, and is recommended for anyone who has spare blaze rods, and doesn’t have any intention of making blaze powder for enchantments.

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Blaze Tools Mod

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    any chance tp update it to 1.2.5?